Keep your plugins and themes up to date

A question we get frequently from clients (and prospective clients) is “Do I need to install updates for WordPress, plugins, and my theme?” The answer is an unwavering  “Yes!“, and it’s because updates do the following: Increase the security of your website Fix bugs that could cause unintended behaviour of your website Add features and functionality to your site Web...
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3 reasons why your business should have a client portal

Client portals can give companies a significant competitive edge by saving money through reduced overheads and streamlined business processes. Client portals also allow for a greater two-way flow of information for businesses looking to create stronger relationships with their clients, customers or partners. In this article, we'll cover the top three reasons why your business needs to...
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How we cut Drupal website load time by 66% using a content delivery network

We're always trying out new ways to speed up websites to improve user experience and help to reduce waiting times for visitors (and improve conversion and reduce visitor bounce rate) so last week we set up our own website to use a content delivery network (or CDN for short). We wanted to see if using a CDN was really making a difference to the speed of our website so we carried out a little...
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O’Brien Media Limited Brand Guidelines, & Brand Voice and Tone

You can download our brand guidelines, & brand voice, and tone guidelines below. Brand Guidelines, & Brand Voice and Tone You're welcome to use the below as a guide of sorts but please don't copy word-for-word (or page-for-page). A lot of effort went into producing these guides and they're © copyright O'Brien Media Limited. OBrien Media Limited Brand Guidelines A4 (PDF) OBrien Media...
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Upgrade today: WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” now available

The latest version of WordPress, version 4.6 (named “Pepper” in honor of jazz saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III), is now available to download via the WordPress website at There are some exciting new features in WordPress 4.6 to help you to focus on the important parts of running your website along with enhancements to simplify some of the the...
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