E-commerce examples

Predictions for eCommerce Marketing Trends in 2022

To help you plan ahead, we have outlined some eCommerce marketing trends for 2022. In no time, you will be on top of your game and planning for a successful year. eCommerce marketing trends in 2022 include: Loyalty to Customers There is a growing trend of customer loyalty, with consumers more willing to switch brands than ever. In addition to the opt-out era and shoppers’ growing concern over...
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Christmas Gift card example

2021’s Most Popular Christmas Plugins

You can engage customers and get them in the mood to buy by making your WordPress website look seasonal. It is difficult for owners to achieve this without having to undergo a major website overhaul, such as a theme change, that will need to be reversed come January. Use a plugin - or even a few of them - for the quick and easy solution, as with so many WordPress-related needs. We've picked out...
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