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2022 Website Design Trends (Top 5)

We're exploring upcoming web design trends for 2022 in this new year's article. During the past few months, you have probably seen a lot of websites. Perhaps a few stood out to you based on their user-friendly interface and appealing layout. Sites with a poor user experience can also leave you with a negative impression of the brand. In today's vast and crowded online world, an amazing user...
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tiktok website

TikTok replaces Google as top domain

According to Cloudflare's annual rankings, TikTok has overtaken Google as the most popular domain globally Google has been dethroned as the world's most popular domain by TikTok, according to rankings from web security company Cloudflare. In its report, Cloudflare highlights the domains that gained the most traffic from one year to the next. Cloudflare ranked Google.com as the top site in its...
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A woman writting address in a parcel

What is an Address Verification System (AVS)?

Definition: An address verification service is a system that checks to ensure the customer's entered address is registered with major shipping carriers. Ecommerce stores can use this verification process to reduce the number of checkout errors, increasing conversion rates in the process. AVS helps streamline the checkout process Address verification is important — after all, if the product...
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a person cleaning plan's leave

Houseplant craze explained: Indoor jungles

Houseplants are spreading like weeds Do you know what this space needs? Maybe more plants. According to Input Magazine, thousands of people have been telling themselves this throughout the pandemic, leading to an explosion in the online plant community (and an influx of plant-obsessed hoarders such as our own Chris Grant). Social media is buzzing with houseplant frenzy The following platforms...
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A Meta logo on a mobile

In 2022, Facebook Jobs will cease to exist

Meta (former Facebook) has announced the retirement of its Facebook Jobs product. Facebook Jobs will make some product changes starting on 22 February 2022, says Meta on the business help center page. With Facebook's 'Jobs' feature, businesses could post job vacancies on their pages, which were visible to anyone who visited the page and showed up in the news feeds of people who liked the page,...
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girl carrying a tablet with a planner diagram

Time is of the essence when it comes to social media posting

In 2020 and 2021, social media will be more important than ever as a tool for maintaining instant connections, finding new trends and hobbies, and keeping up with current events. In an unexpectedly rapid digital transformation, brands had to pivot to thrive, and social marketers had to deal with burnout due to an increase in social interactions and messaging demands. Read on to find out the...
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Squares with WordPress logos

The WordPress market share surpasses 43%

A live studio audience in New York City heard Matt Mullenweg deliver his annual State of the Word address last week. Thousands of WordPress enthusiasts watched the livestream on YouTube. Meetups were held around the world - in places like Detroit, Singapore, Pakistan, and Medellin, among others. Mullenweg started by reviewing the growth of WordPress during the past year, beginning with the...
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E-commerce examples

Predictions for eCommerce Marketing Trends in 2022

To help you plan ahead, we have outlined some eCommerce marketing trends for 2022. In no time, you will be on top of your game and planning for a successful year. eCommerce marketing trends in 2022 include: Loyalty to Customers There is a growing trend of customer loyalty, with consumers more willing to switch brands than ever. In addition to the opt-out era and shoppers’ growing concern over...
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Christmas Gift card example

2021’s Most Popular Christmas Plugins

You can engage customers and get them in the mood to buy by making your WordPress website look seasonal. It is difficult for owners to achieve this without having to undergo a major website overhaul, such as a theme change, that will need to be reversed come January. Use a plugin - or even a few of them - for the quick and easy solution, as with so many WordPress-related needs. We've picked out...
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Yellow folder with files. File transfer concept.

What is a vector logo, and why do I need one?

As a business owner, you may think that having the most suitable logo to represent your business is crucial. In fact, you are right, but an equally significant factor is to make sure that your logo is saved in the right file format, otherwise all the effort that you put in to make your logo appear pixel-perfect will have been wasted. In this post, I explain what a vector logo is, how they work,...
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