Content is king – are you blogging for your business yet?

Are you blogging? No? Well you could be missing out on attracting visitors to your website!  Although the phrase “content is king” is a little cheesy it’s true that if you write a regular blog about your industry, specialist area or business then you’ll increase visitors to your website.

We’re not talking re-posting content from other websites, we’re talking original and interesting content that relates to your business.  Search engines, Google being the prime example, use the words on your web pages to determine whether your site is relevant to the search being carried out on their site.  The more information you provide on your site that describes who you are and what you do the easier it will be for Google to match you with your potential customers.

It’s essential that you think about what you’re writing.  Don’t (under any circumstances!) be tempted to write anything that is intended to just “stuff” the page with keywords related to your business.  Google knows all about that tactic and it can get your website removed from their index of sites – effectively switching off your ability to get visitors to find your site via Google and their partner websites!

A casual writing style usually works best, friendly but to the point, and where appropriate link to other pages within your site in the article – such as a product page if you mention a product or your contact information page if you invite customers to get in touch – this will help guide readers to pages where they can be turned from readers to customers.

Make sure you share your blog posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (to name a few) as this will serve a dual purpose of keeping your social presence active and will drive visitors to your site to find out more about your business.

Not got time to write a regular blog for your business?

We offer copywriting services with a difference – let us know what you want to say (bullet points are fine and don’t worry about spelling or punctuation!) and we’ll write a unique blog post for you and publish it on your site when you’re happy with it!  For more information get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss a tailor made content package for your business…