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Leading by example, some SEO & design changes to our blog

You may have noticed if you're a regular visitor to the O'Brien Media Insider blog, that we've made some minor changes. All in the name of SEO (search engine optimisation) and usability. As some background, Google hates duplicate content, and while they make allowances for some duplicate content that is a natural byproduct of blogging it's best to keep duplicates to a minimum‏. No more blog...
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6 key benefits of blogging for business

Do you want to generate a high traffic of visitors to your online business? Well, blogging may be your solution. There are many benefits of blogging for business. However, the ultimate benefit is to generate and build huge traffic of visitors to your website on a daily basis. When this happens, you will generate better sales for your business. This article is going to show you the benefits in...
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The benefits of blogging for business

Why your business should be blogging to stay connected with your customers

As free advertising goes, a blog can be used very successfully to convey your personal or professional opinion on any type of topic. The term "blog" is an abbreviated form of "web log" and is simply a means of writing what flows through your mind. In fact you can include just about anything that streams through your mind. In many cases the blog's discussion depends on the theme of a web site or...
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Our top tips to kickstart your business blog

At O'Brien Media we're firm believers in the importance of having a blog for your business and in this article we're going to run through our top tips for getting your business blog off the ground. You can either create your new blog on a free cloud based service such as Wordpress, Tumblr or Drupal Gardens or add a blog to your existing website (we can help you with that!) Communicating with...
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Content is king – are you blogging for your business yet?

Are you blogging? No? Well you could be missing out on attracting visitors to your website!  Although the phrase “content is king” is a little cheesy it’s true that if you write a regular blog about your industry, specialist area or business then you’ll increase visitors to your website. We’re not talking re-posting content from other websites, we’re talking original and interesting...
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The benefits of business blogging

Improving your search engine position, and adding 'stickiness' to your website is nowhere near as difficult as saying that three times fast! Content on your website is the easiest way to attract visitors through organic (i.e. non paid) search results online.  Most small business owners consider a blog to be beyond their reach through complexity or simply that it would be a waste of time and...
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