Whatever your business if you have vehicles, or staff visiting client or customers, be it in vans or cars, branding them is always a great idea. Not only does it get your brand (and business) in front of more people as your team drives around but it also gives a professional appearance to your clients.

Who do you feel more confident answering the door to, someone getting out of a generic family car, or someone from a car with the brand of the computer repair company you’re expecting to drop by? I think you see my point!

While the cost, and permanence of a custom paint job, or vehicle wrap, isn’t within the budget of most small businesses (or to the liking of family members, or the company you lease your car from!) car magnets bridge the gap and allow you to brand your vehicles quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.

Our verdict

We recently tried out magnets produced by the wonderfully efficient team at Sticker Mule. Their magnets can be cut to size (up to 36″ x 30″) and make great magnets for a car or van.

We don’t have company vehicles ourselves at O’Brien Media, but we’ve tried out the 3″ x 3″ logo magnets we had produced a car-owning volunteer (thanks Andy!) and they stuck fast to the side of a car on a trip down the M4, even with some typical Bank Holiday British weather.

Plus points of using Sticker Mule magnets to brand your car…

  • Super strong but also nice and thin so they look the part when used as magnetic signs for vehicle branding
  • Awesome colour reproduction (we’re obsessed with our brand and Sticker Mule matched our brand colour perfectly!)
  • Excellent print quality, no scratches, lumps, bumps, or streaks to be found
  • Their artwork service means even a novice can upload a logo or artwork and Sticker Mule will help get things ready for printing
  • Everything is online, with a proof emailed and sent to your phone within a matter of hours

Branding is essential for small businesses, getting your logo and business name in front of potential customers is a sure-fire way to bring in new business – especially for businesses like driving instructors, electricians, and plumbers – so if you haven’t already branded up your vehicle now’s the time – try Sticker Mule for car magnets.

Sticker Mule's easy to use website makes creating magnetic car signs simple
Sticker Mule's easy to use website makes creating magnetic car signs simple

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