letter z on a tablet on a vector

Infographic: Marketing to Generation Z

Born mid-1990’s to current 2000s, Generation Z are digital natives who have never lived a life without the internet. By 2020, they’ll have 40% of the purchasing power.

Generation Z add from OBrien Media

Here are a few key points to know about them:

  • Gen Zers take 8 seconds to decide whether content is worth their time and if it benefits them.
  • 60% want to positively impact the future of the world and participate in social activism.
  • Appreciates free shipping and delivery, special discounts, and a flexible return policy.
  • They trust influencers because their lives are relatable. 63% of Gen Z prefer to see real people in ads.
  • They are likely to give feedback or reviews online. 44% showed interest in contributing ideas to brands.
  • Uses up to five devices at a time and checks social media about 100 times a day.
  • If experience is positive, 89% will promote the brand. Gen Z prioritizes speed and convenience.