Print spotlight: Why do business cards work?

In a world where new marketing options are presented to us every day, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketing professionals is what to choose and what to leave as white noise.

Through thick and thin, the humble business card has remained strong and ever-present. With over 90,000 searches a month for ‘business cards’, it looks as though they’re not only here to stay, but also are more popular than ever.

With a lot going on for this humble hero, we thought we’d take the time to appreciate the business card and why it works so well.

They give that all important first impression

If you meet someone for the first time and exchange business cards, it’s the first time your new contact sees an example of your brand. This means quality, design and overall appearance are extremely important. See below for advice on how to design a business card that gives the best impression.

They are, quite literally, pocket-sized.

This means two very important things. Firstly, you can always have one with you, to hand when you need it. And secondly, anyone who you give one to can pop it in their pocket, wallet or purse without any inconvenience.

They keep things personal

Face-to-face networking is a very personal process, and exchanging business cards is very personal way to exchange information. Business cards help make real business connections.

They maintain traditional business etiquette

Although younger generations may be less familiar with the traditional process of exchanging business cards, it is still a very well-established form of networking that many people still view as a viable method of business acquisition. With business cards to hand, you can make connections with people of all ages.

Extra-special business cards get shared

Taking the time to get brilliant business cards designed and printed could gain you coverage online, too. People share clever or special businesses cards simply for the appreciation of what they are. Check out this example at Bored Panda and this at Paste Magazine.