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Google Photos unlimited cloud storage ends today! What this means for you?

As of today (1st June), Google have announced that their unlimited cloud storage for Google Photos will end! This blog post will detail why these changes are taking place and how this affects you. Why are Google making these changes? Google are removing the unlimited free cloud storage for Photos, in favour of their new Google One subscription service. Google One is a subscription-based cloud...
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Why does Google have a verification process for advertising?

Google advertising is a great way to make people aware of your business and the services you offer! In order to ensure that your business is safe and trustworthy, Google requires you to complete a verification process. This blog post will go into detail and help you understand why there is a verification process in place. Advertiser Identity Google will require advertisers to verify their legal...
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HTTPS now default in Address Bar with new version of Chrome

The new version of Chrome (Chrome 90) will implement a major change in which it is switching to having HTTPS in the address bar by default. This blog post will help you understand why this major change is taking place and why it is important. Why is Google doing this? Google is carrying out this change as the use of HTTPS has increased significantly since 2014. The reason for this is that in...
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No more personalised ad tracking on Chrome, say Google

Google has announced that it will no longer be using third-party cookies when tracking individual users across the web on their Chrome browser. They have said that digital advertising practices had to “evolve”. This article will give you an overview of what this means for you. What difference will this make to you? Third-party cookies allow for you to be tracked and ‘followed’ across the...
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Google rolling out a new core algorithm update today (4 May 2020)

Google has today confirmed that “Later today, releasing a broad core algorithm update, as do several times per year. It is called the May 2020 Core Update. guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.” As of 20:50 GMT Google said the rollout has begun. It can take “about one to two weeks to fully roll out,” Google said. Whenever Google updates its search ranking...
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Google search commands to refine searches and become a Google Pro

Google Search has built-in commands to help users refine their queries and find more relevant results. Here are some you can utilize next time the results you’re seeing aren’t very useful: Search for an exact match: Put a word or phrase inside quotes. Combine searches: Put “OR” between each search query. Exclude words from search results: Put – in front of a word you want to leave...
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Google just gave Chrome users a great reason to stay with the browser

Google has given Chrome users plenty of reasons to quit its browser recently, including controversial changes, security problems, data concerns and rivals offering greater privacy. But now Google has introduced a great reason to stay. After a surprise release U-turn last month, Google has now rolled out Chrome 81 and it brings a wide roll-out of ‘Tab Groups’, the company’s biggest...
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Google’s roadmap to the end of the non-HTTPS web in Chrome

The latest update to the Chrome browser took another step forward towards creating a more secure web experience for users by forcing audio and video to use HTTPS connections or else be blocked. In ongoing efforts to protect users from unsafe downloads, Google’s developers have now laid the groundwork that will eventually result in non-secure downloads being blocked entirely by Chrome. On...
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Reminder: Google is changing the way websites work when viewed in Chrome from February 4th, 2020

Google Chrome is changing the way websites and cookies work by default. This is a courtesy reminder that web sites you use, if run in Chrome by you or your visitors, may not work as expected once Chrome 80 is released on February 4th, 2020. Prior to February 4th 2020, you should test to confirm if any updates are required to allow the continued normal operation of your website or web app.
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Urgent: Your website, and those you use, may not work in Chrome from February 4th, 2020

Chrome is changing the way websites and cookies work by default. In preparation for this change, we have updated our website analytics and our Midas Connector WordPress plugin. This is a courtesy notification that web sites you use, if run in Chrome, may not work as expected once Chrome 80 is released on February 4th, 2020. Prior to February 4th 2020, you should test to confirm if any updates are...
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