In 2022, Social Media Myths Need to be Debunked

Brand reputation and growth are significantly impacted by social media. Back in the day, social media platforms were just social platforms. The social media landscape, however, has become more business-centric since the beginning. Different features are available on social networks that can boost your game. Many business owners, however, have biased views about how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,...
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Elon Musk Twitter Notification

Elon Musk purchases Twitter. So what?

It is unclear what Musk means when he advocates for 'free speech.' What does that entail? Everything is fair game? That didn't take long at all. The world's richest man acquired 9% of Twitter and became its largest shareholder just a few days ago, seemingly out of nowhere. It was actually announced only a few weeks ago. Andrew J. Hawkins, writing at the time for The Verge, said, "So buckle up -...
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Instagram Vs TikTok

Instagram changes its algorithm to curb TikToks to Reels

Original content will now be prioritized over reposts in the app's algorithm. The platform's head, Adam Mosseri, announced Wednesday that Instagram will change its algorithm to promote original content. Mosseri said the change is focused on "the idea of originality." But Mosseri didn't mention that the change is also meant to prevent people from uploading TikToks to Instagram Reels, which must...
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Social media marketing modern flat concept for web banner design. Man makes advertising posts in mobile app, woman with magnet attracts new customers. Illustration with isolated people scene

The Advantages of Hiring A Managed Social Media Marketing Expert

Getting the right formula for social media marketing is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. Social media campaigns that stand out from the competition usually require expert knowledge and experience. As a result, you should seriously consider hiring a social media marketing expert or working with a firm that offers managed social media marketing services. Social media is not just about...
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Twitter Graphic Edit button

Long-awaited Twitter edit button to be tested

According to the tech giant, it will soon experiment with an edit option, but only for its monthly subscription service at first It will begin testing in the coming months to figure out what works when it comes to letting users edit posts after they go live. Twitter has announced it will soon start experimenting with an edit button, a long-pending demand of users, but only on its monthly...
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white Hashtags Social Media with pink background

In 2022, will hashtags still work? The answer may surprise you!

Does hashtagging work the way you expect it to? The simple answer is no hashtags do not work at least not in the way you think. As Mosseri said hashtags themselves will not boost your interaction or views simply just by adding them but it does help the algorithm identify what sort of content you’re posting. From what he’s said we can now see that hashtags are more so an aid to boosting your...
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mobile using twitter page

Social Shopping is Finally Catching On!

It's time to go shopping  on Twitter and Pinterest! The idea of social commerce has come and gone so many times. While both Pinterest and Twitter have failed in their attempts to connect social networks with ecommerce, they have tried again. Skepticism screams that it won't work this time, too.but maybe it will. Ecommerce is changing as we emerge from the pandemic. Remember when people talked...
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social media background

Viral Content: The Psychology of Social Media Sharing

What motivates people to share on social media? What are your strategies for attracting attention to your brand? According to psychology, it is not that difficult. What Are the Benefits of Social Sharing? A study conducted by The New York Times Insider Group discovered that there are five key reasons people share with others. There is an opportunity for marketers who want to grow their audiences...
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cubes with Social media icons

What’s the Deal with Social Media?

Social media is one of the most effective ways to voice your opinion, grow a company or create an interactive audience. This can help you in many ways such as advertising a product or service to your desired target market. The limits its endless! How do I start on social media? First of all you need to pick the platform you are wanting to join and create an account. Once done add a bright...
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Peple showing how to use chat in a mobile

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction With Social Media

The one thing that keeps your customers loyal to your company and results in repeat business is customer satisfaction. Social Media is helping companies increase customer satisfaction by 20% when they integrate it into the mix. You can promote customer satisfaction in your own business using these four basic steps. Be Social Nearly two-thirds (or more) of customers used the company's social media...
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