If you’re spending time moving data between different systems you need to read this

Do you spend time moving data between your e-commerce website and your accounting software? Or is a chunk of your day taken up keeping your mailing list up to date with changes to customer details from your CRM system? If so read on and find out more about how integrating these systems could make your business more productive!

Why integrate your business systems and processes?

Keeping systems current – Integrating disparate systems using automated processes not only saves time and removes the risk of human error when transferring data between systems it also ensures that your business is operating using its most current data, regardless of the system you’re accessing.

Manipulating and processing data – In most businesses different systems serve different functions, but there’s no reason why you can’t link these systems and during the process of moving data between different systems. You can manipulate the data in any number of ways, performing calculations, merging or removing duplicates, or even using external services to augment your data.

Adding additional functionality – How much time do you spend printing and posting invoices? Using a service like Docmail to handle your outgoing invoice paperwork can be fully automated by integrating your existing accounts software with Docmail’s service. If you provide your customers with the facility to create a personalised quote on your website why stop at sending them a copy via email – sending a postal copy not only gives you a reason to ask for their address but also means that they’re reminded about your quote when, a few days later, they get your quote through the post.

The big picture

Your e-commerce platform takes customer orders, your CRM system stores more detailed information about your customers and sales prospects, and your accounts software is home to your invoices and payment records but if each system holds different information about the same customers how much time are you spending each week logging in and out of these systems and searching for the data you want?

Most software solutions allow you to create custom fields that can be used to store details of invoices and amounts, e-commerce orders or other information and integrating these systems means you only need to access one system to find the information you need.

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