Friends celebrating Christmas or New Year eve party with Bengal lights and champagne.

Win the customer experience game today and post-Covid

We’re nearing the end of a challenging year — and heading into the festive season — people are slowly beginning to shop again. But they’re doing so carefully and consciously, buying close to home and embracing e-commerce more than ever.

Brands need to be ready to adopt a variety of in-store and online measures to cater to today’s shopper.

So what can brands do to deliver meaningful customer experiences now and in a post-COVID-19 world?

  • Catch up to customer expectations. If your website is currently your primary storefront, prioritise the experience. Cconsumers want to easily connect with a human, whether that’s through chat or video interaction, even when there’s no physical store. Simple and helpful also win when it comes to site content and merchandising. People are burned out from spending so much time online. Don’t make them dig to find what they need.
  • Humanise experiences with (the right) personalisation. Personalisation should connect online to real life, leveraging digital to make the day-to-day easier. People expect retailers to make their in-store visits faster and safer via personal appointments and digital queues.
  • Rethink ‘time spent’ metrics. In a one-click world, where time is a precious commodity, people are here for the stuff, not the site itself. For 92% of prosumers and 78% of consumers, your site or app must, above all, be fast and easy to navigate.