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Google Suggests Permanent URLs for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pages

Google shared the advice that website owners should be “using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages rather than creating new URLs for each annual sale” as part of it’s set of best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages, along with five additional recommendations, which we’ve included below.

Here’s more on the benefits of using recurring URLs, and a rundown of Google’s other advice for the upcoming shopping event.

Recurring URLs for Black Friday Pages

The holiday shopping season kicks off every year on the day after Thanksgiving – also known as Black Friday – with deep discounts from thousands of retailers.

Each year brings new sales, but it should not bring new sales pages.

The ephemeral nature of Black Friday sales may lead some site owners to believe setting up new pages each year, and later removing them is the best course of action.

Recommendations For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Here are the remainder of Google’s best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These are recommendations for retailers to help Google highlight and surface sales events in search results.

  1. Publish early: Create the Black Friday sales page well before the sale so Googlebot has time to discover and index it.
  2. Follow standard SEO best practices: For up-to-date information on what matters in SEO today, get in touch or check out our SEO blog section.
  3. Build internal links to the landing page: Link to the Black Friday landing page from other pages on the website, especially the home page. This will help communicate its importance to Google, and help visitors find the page faster.
  4. Include a relevant, high quality image: Provide a static image with an up-to-date representation of your sale. Google recommends trimming whitespace around the borders of the image, and ensuring the image is visually engaging and of good quality.
  5. Get the landing page recrawled: When the landing page has been updated with new or additional content, ask Google to recrawl the page to get your content updated more quickly.