Google Chrome application icon on Apple

Urgent: Your website, and those you use, may not work in Chrome from February 4th, 2020

Chrome is changing the way websites and cookies work by default. In preparation for this change, we have updated our website analytics and our Midas Connector WordPress plugin. This is a courtesy notification that web sites you use, if run in Chrome, may not work as expected once Chrome 80 is released on February 4th, 2020.

Prior to February 4th 2020, you should test to confirm if any updates are required to allow the continued normal operation of your website or web app.

Even if you don’t use Google Chrome yourself you should still test your website to ensure that visitors to your site who use Chrome (which accounts for around 65-70% of visitors for most sites) can still browse your website and that things like website analytics, live chat, and other 3rd party services in use on your website continue to function.

Issues you may encounter if your apps aren’t prepared:

  • Authentication in your applications may fail or loop
  • Line of Business apps that rely on cross-domain cookies may break
  • SaaS apps your organization uses run by other companies may stop working

We recommend that every customer take the time to test and fix their websites and web apps:

  • Download the Chrome beta, and test it with the SameSite flags enabled. (detailed instructions from Microsoft can be found here)
  • Update your apps to set the SameSite=None flag if needed.
  • Additionally, consider disabling the change in Chrome until you’re confident that apps and websites that you use, operate, or that you rely on will work in Chrome.

If you need help testing your website, or web app, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through options.