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eCom@One Podcast with Richard Hill featuring Dylan Fernandez

This eCommerce podcast is raw, honest and damn right insightful, as Richard at eComOne chats to some of the leading minds in eCommerce (including our Dylan 😉)

Take a listen to Ep 96 – Dylan Fernandez: Overcoming the Biggest Technical Challenges in Your eCommerce Store

We have become trusted partners with eComOne since Dylan encountered them at a BigCommerce event a few months ago.

In this episode, Dylan discusses the most common technical challenges eCommerce sites face and ways to overcome them. During the discussion, they discuss site navigation and how it affects conversion rates. Among the top things Dylan lists are better site speed and checkout experiences that will increase conversions.



Richard and Dylan talk about the dreaded topic of replatforming. Additionally, they discuss what steps you will need to take to ensure a smooth transition so that you don’t end up with a lot more problems to deal with. Additionally, Dylan shares his opinions on the unreliable websites out there so you know what to avoid.

This episode is for anyone who wants to better understand what aspects of their website could be turning customers off and how to fix them so that their conversion rates continue to grow.

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