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Attackers using the Coronavirus as a phishing trap

The coronavirus outbreak is being used in phishing attacks according to researchers at Proofpoint.

Attackers are taking advantage of the widespread concern about the virus to lure people into phishing traps using conspiracy theories about “unreleased” cures. One example describes a ‘confidential cure solution’ before giving users the option to follow a link through to a fake website asking for credentials. Proofpoint’s report has other examples of phishing traps being utilised.

Phishing attacks are untargeted, mass emails sent to many people asking for sensitive information (such as bank details) or encouraging them to visit a fake website.

Unfortunately, it is relatively common for cybercriminals to take advantage of situations like the coronavirus outbreak to prey upon people’s concerns. If you want to learn more about spotting and dealing with phishing emails, then the NCSC’s suspicious email advice is well worth reading.