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Block in place for website traffic from Russia as of 06-03-2022

Due to a large-scale increase in malicious internet traffic coming into our networks from networks in Russia we have made the decision to, with immediate effect, block all traffic coming into our networks from Russian-operated networks and IP addresses.

This will prevent anyone inside of Russia, or who uses a network within Russia, from connecting to any websites or relaying email to or from any websites or email accounts you may have with O’Brien Media Ltd. Emails sent to Russian networks from our servers will bounce, and emails sent to email accounts on our network from Russian networks will also bounce back to the sender.

We have taken very specific action to ensure that traffic from Ukraine is not limited in any way.

Under normal circumstances, we would have only limited specific networks that are posing a risk, however, due to the indiscriminate nature of attempted attacks against our networks and servers we are blocking all traffic originating from Russia.

We have conducted checks on the nature of the attacks and these seem to be intended to compromise websites that are not currently up to date with their patches and updates with the intention of using those compromised sites to generate spam emails and likely use those sites as springboards to attack other sites and networks. We cannot, and will not, allow this.

We stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Ukraine help: What can people in the UK do? – BBC News