Google has updated it’s Webmaster Guidelines

On Monday 27th October Google published revised guidelines to ask for site owners to modify their robots.txt configuration to allow Google to access additional files that are used to display your website to visitors (these are called CSS and Javascript files) and previously weren't needed for Google to correctly index your website.  Google's new advice is: For...
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What is responsive website design (and why your website should be responsive)

Responsive website design is an approach to designing websites that focuses on creating sites that provide an optimal browsing experience - viewing content and navigating the website with minimal panning, scrolling and resizing - across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computers and laptops).   Responsive v Mobile website design While mobile...
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Web design: Keep it simple (your visitors will thank you!)

When it comes to designing a website, experience (and a lot of research, feedback and data analysis), has taught us to stick to the "keep it simple" rule to create a site that your visitors will love. You wouldn't cram retail or office space with clutter so resist the urge to cram as much information onto your website as possible.  Less is more when it comes to most of the...
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Welcome to the new look O’Brien Media website

After sporting the same look for the past 6 or so years we felt like it was time for a change.  Web design techniques and the technologies that power websites have moved on significantly in the past few years and while our website had served us well over the years we took the opportunity to re-design the site and to restructure some of the content, and with over 400 pages that was no small...
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