Welcome to the new look O’Brien Media website

After sporting the same look for the past 6 or so years we felt like it was time for a change.  Web design techniques and the technologies that power websites have moved on significantly in the past few years and while our website had served us well over the years we took the opportunity to re-design the site and to restructure some of the content, and with over 400 pages that was no small task!

Going responsive

We used responsive design techniques to optimise our website for the device you’re viewing it with, so you’ll see a slightly different version of the site on a smart phone than you do on an iPad and a different version on a laptop or desktop PC than you do on any mobile device – this allows us to show you the information you need without all of the distractions, reduce the amount of scrolling you need to do when viewing our site on your smartphone and in most cases totally removes the need to zoom in to view the various sections of the page

Improved help and support information

We’ve improved our support section and consolidated support pages that previously appeared as blog posts and moved some content that wasn’t really support related (like our terms and conditions) out of the new knowledge base section altogether. Sections that include step-by-step guides to setting up things like email now include a personalsation option so you can see the exact information you need to enter without having to use any guesswork.

Dedicated portfolio section

We now have a dedicated portfolio section on our website that includes more detailed case studies of projects we’ve undertaken, including details of the technologies and solutions we used to complete the projects.

Simplified online print shop experience

Over the last 18 months or so since we launched our online print shop we’ve had some great feedback from customers (both positive and negative), we’ve taken your feedback into consideration and designed a simpler online shopping experience to make it quicker and easier to buy your leaflets, business cards and stationery online!

More detailed information on the solutions we offer

We’ve greatly improved the information on the range of web development and graphic design solutions we offer. Over the years we’ve added new solutions as technologies and design trends emerge and develop so we’re really pleased to finally have some great information on our website about how these can benefit you and your business!

A fresh new look

While our logo remains the same and we’ve stuck with the same overall colour scheme we’ve finally retired the black and grey pattered background in favour of some nice clean white space.  We wanted to let our content do the talking and removing the patterned background made the content the centre of attention.

And finally

We hope you like the change – please feel free to let us know your thoughts!