Keeping our customers informed with our new monthly website performance reports

Hot on the heels of the “Year in review” website statistics email we sent out in January to clients who use our website hosting and analytics platform for their websites that summarised website performance during 2014 we’re pleased to launch our new monthly website performance reports.

Website analytics allow you to track the effectiveness – and usefulness – of your website.

The new website performance reports provide a concise view of your website performance each month including data on visitor numbers, bounce rate and visitor abandonment, social media campaign performance and visitor device usage.

The reports are sent out at the start of each month and include data for the previous month allowing you to review your website’s performance at a glance without having to log into our Piwik analytics system, it’s all right there in your email inbox!

We also include suggestions on improvements you could make to your website to make it work harder for you and links to information on our website that we think you might find useful.

You can find a detailed description of each section of the website performance report in our article, Understanding your monthly Website Performance Report.

If you have any feedback about this new service please feel free to get in touch.