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Why you might need to refresh your website

As a website design business, you would think that our website would be immune from needing to update our look. But you are wrong.

As website designers we are always trying to improve our website to make it better, easier to navigate, and more attractive to clients. And as marketing is ever evolving, then so must our website.

Read our top 4 signs it might be time to redesign your website:

1. Your business has evolved

Some years ago, you had a website created so that you had an online presence for your business. Since then you have barely looked at, let alone updated, your current website. Now it just feels like it doesn’t represent your brand correctly.

Time to upgrade.

2. Your website is outdated

Let’s face it, when we say outdated we mean your site is old. It’s slow, and trying to navigate your site is time-consuming and frustrating. Maybe there is too much, or too little information, and no one is connecting with your business online.

It’s time to fix this.

3. Your website doesn’t work on mobiles

We live on our mobiles. If your website isn’t responsive (which means it adapts to smaller screens) you can be guaranteed you will be losing a lot of customers each and every day.

Is this you?

4. You hate your website

Are you embarrassed to send people to your website? Are you afraid to look at your website yourself? Does updating your site feel overwhelming and too hard?

We have all been here.