WooCommerce 3.3 now available

Orders screen redesign

WooCommerce 3.3 features a revamp of the Orders screen. It has been redesigned to be simpler and clearer while at the same time being more useful. This has been developed with backwards compatibility in mind, so extensions that add features to the Orders screen should continue working normally. You can read more about these changes here.

Greater theme support and customization

The way WooCommerce stores look on themes that don’t declare WooCommerce support has been impvoved. This was done by rendering the store content inside of the theme’s post content area. This way the layout of the store will fit neatly with any sort of theme layout and the store will look great. This change only affects themes that don’t formally declare WooCommerce support.

Image size improvements

You can choose and change the aspect ratio of the images in your shop using the Customizer. Themes can also set the image sizes when declaring WooCommerce support.

Features for store owners

  • Product downloads are logged and can be analyzed and filtered. Read more about this here.
  • The `products` shortcode now has pagination and tag support.
  • Live preview of shop display settings in the Customizer.