Before updating to WordPress 5.0, make sure you’re running WooCommerce 3.5.1+

When WordPress 5.0 is released this month – currently planned for November 19 – your site needs to be running WooCommerce 3.5.1+ to avoid breaking changes. This is even more important if you have auto-updates toggled on.

Since the last minor release of WooCommerce in May, the WooCommerce team have been working on a variety of improvements:

  • Performance improvements
  • REST API v3
  • Improved wording for transactional emails

To ensure this update is stable, the WooCommerce team have been doing plenty of testing and QA, including compatibility testing with our extensions and popular premium themes, running the latest version on, and working with customers to do managed updates.

WooCommerce 3.5 is a minor release, meaning it should be fully backwards compatible with all WooCommerce releases since 3.0. However, it’s still considered best practice, and recommended, to backup before updating.

We recommend viewing the WooCommerce documentation on how to update, making a backup of your website, updating extensions, and finally updating WooCommerce via the WordPress Admin.