5 advantages of email marketing

The meteoric rise in popularity of social media over recent years may have made you – and other business owners – wonder whether email marketing has had it’s day. On the contrary, email marketing is still a powerful tool. If you doubt that, simply check your email inbox and see how many businesses and organisations have sent you information today alone about what they offer. The businesses that send you these details know that email marketing is still as powerful and effective today as it was 10-20 years ago. There are many advantages of email marketing, as you will see below. So lets get started!

1. It’s a time efficient marketing method

The first of many advantages of email marketing is that it can save you a huge amount of time, thanks to marketing automation from services like Mailchimp. Automation allows you to send triggered campaigns which target the right people with the right message. The only thing you have to do is compose a series of emails and set the triggers. The system will take care of the rest, saving your team a huge amount of valuable time. And as time is money, you’ll save that too!

2. It enables regular communication and encourages response

Email marketing automation, again, allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers regularly, as opposed to sending a random email every now and then. This keeps your business or your product or service at the forefront of their mind and means you can nurture them through your sales process. From your customers perspective it’s easy for them to as questions just by hitting the reply button.

3. It enables you to target specific customers

Another advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to target specific customers. Marketing via print or social media goes out to the whole world, unless you invest time and money in complicated campaign tracking systems and marketing databases. You can never be sure if the right message reaches the intended customer. With emails, however, you can be sure they reach the intended person.

4. It’s easy for your message to be shared

Emails are easily shared amongst colleagues, friends and family. After social media posts, they are the most shareable forms of marketing and you can include a lot more information in an email than you can in a social media post. At the click of a button, your email can be shared with multiple people, giving your brand more exposure.

5. Results are measurable

Results or effectiveness of email marketing is easier to measure. It remains one of the fewest measurable methods of marketing a variety of products and services to clients. It’s metrics are both precise and valuable. These metrics include:

  1. Delivery rates
  2. Open rates
  3. Click-to-deliver rates
  4. Subscriber retention rates