WooCommerce 9.1: Accessibility enhancements, product lookup optimisations, checkout styling, and more

WooCommerce has announced the release of version 9.1, packed with exciting features and enhancements. This update aims to streamline the shopping experience and improve store management, bringing several significant improvements and new functionalities.

Enhanced Product Lookup Tables

One of the standout features in WooCommerce 9.1 is the optimisation of product lookup tables. This feature, introduced to enhance performance during product searches, has been further refined. The new version introduces an optional optimised method for filling and updating these tables, along with a set of CLI tools to manage updates efficiently. These enhancements promise faster and more accurate product searches, benefiting both store owners and customers.

Improved Checkout Styling

Checkout blocks in WooCommerce 9.1 have received several styling updates aimed at improving usability and aesthetics. These updates include better input field styling, improved spacing, and the addition of a “Return to Basket” link for mobile users, making the checkout process more intuitive and user-friendly. Furthermore, new inheritance rules for global colours and customisable colour schemes enhance the visual appeal of the checkout experience.

Coming Soon Mode

The new “Coming Soon” mode is a highly anticipated feature that allows store owners to create buzz and anticipation before launching their store or new product pages. This mode can be controlled via a dedicated tab in the WooCommerce settings, enabling users to restrict access to specific store pages and share private links. The “Coming Soon” page can be customised using the Block Editor, providing flexibility in design.

Accessibility Enhancements

WooCommerce 9.1 places a strong emphasis on accessibility, particularly within the shop accounts section. This update addresses numerous accessibility issues, ensuring that alerts, error messages, and various forms are more accessible to all users. These improvements demonstrate WooCommerce’s commitment to creating an inclusive online shopping environment.

API and Security Updates

The new release includes several updates to the REST API, enhancing its functionality and security. Notable changes include schema updates, permissions checks, and improved handling of stock adjustments. Additionally, WooCommerce 9.1 introduces important security fixes, such as reducing the potential for incorrect order data retrieval in multisite networks and sanitising text areas to prevent HTML injection.

More Feature Updates

WooCommerce 9.1 also introduces inline actions for variable products, allowing users to edit properties like variation images, stock management, and pricing directly from the variations table. Detailed information about basket and checkout types is now visible in the system report tool, providing merchants with valuable insights into their store’s performance.


WooCommerce 9.1 is set to deliver a robust and user-friendly update, enhancing various aspects of the platform from product lookup and checkout processes to accessibility and security. These updates reflect WooCommerce’s ongoing dedication to improving the e-commerce experience for store owners and customers alike. Stay tuned for the official release and take advantage of these new features to elevate your online store.

For a detailed overview of all the updates and improvements, visit the official WooCommerce blog post, or for help upgrading your WooCommerce store check out our WordPress Support services.