Fix Outlook 365 problems with the Recovery Assistant for Office 365

If you need to fix Outlook and Office 365 problems, you can use the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 to resolve the issues easily. Fix Outlook and Office 365 problems The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 is a one-click tool that Microsoft has released to make things easier for Windows users who are facing issue with Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook....
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WordPress 5.0.1 Security Release

How are you faring with WordPress 5.0? Have you updated yet, or are you still holding off? Either way, you should pay attention to a new security release. WordPress 5.0.1 is out to fix a number of security issues. However, these issues also affect older versions of WordPress, so the core team has created a separate WordPress 4.9.9 release so that people who haven't updated to 5.0 yet can still...
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Don’t let these important dates for your offline Christmas marketing pass you by

Sending post within the UK this Christmas? Get your cards and parcels to the post office by Tuesday, December 18, and you will still be able to send them in time for the big day, using Second Class stamps. If you're pushed for time, First Class and Special Delivery postal options are also available until later in the week. This year, the final dates for posting within the UK are: Tuesday,...
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Upgraded to WordPress 5.0 but prefer the Classic Editor? No problem!

Upgraded to WordPress 5.0 but prefer to stick with the familiar Classic Editor? No problem! Support for the Classic Editor plugin will remain in WordPress through 2022.The Classic Editor plugin restores the previous WordPress editor and the Edit Post screen. It lets you keep using plugins that extend it, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor. To install, visit your...
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WordPress 5.0 will probably be released Thursday, December 6th 2018

WordPress 5.0 will most probably be released this Thursday, December 6 2018. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people, including us. WordPress 5.0 includes the Gutenberg editor, giving users a brand new editing experience. While we initially see this as an improvement, we doubt if everyone is ready for it at this point. WordPress 5.0 is a huge release as it sees the introduction of a new...
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WordPress 5.0 Pushed Back Further … again

A little while ago, the WordPress core development team pushed the expected WordPress 5.0 release date from November 19 to November 27. Well, as the fact that there's still no WordPress 5.0 indicates, that release date has been pushed back again - to when we don't yet know. In their release post for the WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 1, the team only said that "A final release date will be...
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Some great new Outlook 2016 features just landed for Office 365 subscribers

What is Focused inbox in Outlook on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

What is Focused Inbox? Focused Inbox intelligently presorts your email so you can focus on what matters. It places your most important emails in "Focused" and the rest in "Other." Focused Inbox works across all your email accounts, personal and professional. To create an inbox that "feels right" to you, the system takes into account emails and contacts with whom you interact, and filters out...
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Multiple vulnerabilities patched in October 17th Drupal Core update

It's been a while since the last Drupal Core update was released (back in April) but it's now time, once again, to install a Drupal Core update to keep your Drupal websites secure. The following issues with Drupal Core have been patched, and are included in yesterday's update: In some conditions, content moderation fails to check a users access to use certain transitions, leading to an access...
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Personal Branding and Business Cards.jpg

What is the standard UK business card size?

We often get asked this question, and it does vary between different printing companies and even countries! In most cases a standard business card in the UK and from O'Brien Media (unless otherwise requested) is sized at 85 mm wide x 55 mm high (see diagram below). This size is almost the same as a regular credit or debit card – meaning it will easily fit into a wallet or purse. Business...
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Instagram unveils new tools to increase safety & access to information

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, is introducing three new features designed to provide more transparency and security to its users. The plan includes the introduction of a new section, "About this Account", which will provide more details about accounts with large follower counts. Access to the blue badge verification process is also on the cards for all users, and Instagram is...
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