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Make sure to keep your router safe this summer warn ISPs!

As you would have seen on our blog yesterday, the UK (and Wiltshire specifically!) are suffering from extreme heat.

Virgin Media O2 has warned about the heat affecting WiFi routers (which has actually affected us here at OBM!) so it’s an important issue to consider!

This blog post will highlight the dangers and how you can ensure your WiFi router survives the hot weather!

What have Virgin Media O2 advised?

Virgin Media O2 warned that “it’s important to keep your router somewhere out of direct sunlight as it can overheat, just like your phone or laptop.”

“That doesn’t mean you should stick your router in a cupboard or hidden behind your TV either,” it warns customers. “Although it beams wireless internet around your home, some things can prevent the signal from getting out, like large electrical appliances and even big bodies of water. And if it gets too hot, it can slow down your connection or even grind to a halt all together. Good placement of the Hub router can also mean greater reach, so you could get Wi-Fi in the back garden if your home layout allows.”

How does this affect me?

Normally, your WiFi router is left where it has been installed by the engineer and this can be by a window or in a place of direct sunlight in most places.

The heat can mean that your router provides sluggish speeds, poor signal, and total broadband loss.

The heat can be deadly and take out your router completely where you will need to get a replacement – which is what we had to do at OBM!

Some tips to ensure your router is safe over these next couple of days!

  • Don’t hide the router away in a cupboard – give it some breathing space.
  • Keep the router in a cool place that is out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure your router is far away from water (even fish tanks).

Find out more on this topic

If you like to read in more detail about what Virgin Media O2 has advised, you can read the news article on here!

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