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Why you should care about your About Us page

Learning how to write an About Us page may seem unimportant at first, but it can offer substantial benefits to your site and brand. By sharing details about your origins, mission, and team, an About Us page provides authenticity and humanizes your brand for visitors.

This is an important step in building trust with the people who view your site. A trustworthy website encourages visitors to take action, such as by making a purchase or signing up for your email list. It can also improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and brand visibility.

Trustworthy, authentic websites are also more likely to retain visitors. Building a loyal user base is easier and more cost-effective than always having to source new traffic, so an About Us page can help you grow your brand faster and more efficiently.

After all, loyal customers are more likely to turn to your brand before searching elsewhere, giving you an edge over the competition. They can even offer you free promotion, by recommending your products or services to their own networks.

How to write an About Us page for your site

When it comes to how to write an About Us page, authenticity, clearly-stated values, and availability are all key. Incorporating these elements can help you build an About Us page that will turn visitors into loyal audience members.

  1. Share your story to encourage empathy.
  2. State your mission to encourage visitors to support you.
  3. Introduce your team to humanize your website.
  4. Add contact information so visitors can connect with you.

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