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Why Delegate Social Media Marketing to O’Brien Media?

Why Small Businesses Should Delegate Social Media Marketing to an Agency Like O'Brien Media In the fast-paced world of small business ownership, where every minute counts and growth is the primary goal, managing social media marketing internally can often become a daunting task. It's not just about posting updates; it's about crafting a comprehensive strategy, engaging effectively with your...
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Small Business Spotlight: Benedykt and Sylvester

Who are Benedykt and Sylvester? A mother of three children, Brittany has Benedykt, Sylvester, and their sister Otylia. They are a British/Polish family living in England.' In 2015, Brittany married her husband Damian in Poland (his home country). In November 2016, they welcomed Benedykt into the world, and they are enjoying being parents ever since! They welcomed Sylvester in the summer of 2018...
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Houseplant craze explained: Indoor jungles

Houseplants are spreading like weeds Do you know what this space needs? Maybe more plants. According to Input Magazine, thousands of people have been telling themselves this throughout the pandemic, leading to an explosion in the online plant community (and an influx of plant-obsessed hoarders such as our own Chris Grant). Social media is buzzing with houseplant frenzy The following platforms...
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Love reading? You’ll love Bert’s Books!

As you would have seen from our previous Small Business Spotlight posts on our blog, we love shouting about and supporting Wiltshire based businesses that we love! Bert is actually one of our amazing neighbours in our Pembroke Centre office – so it was a great coincidence that we actually had bought books from Bert before! Reading a new book is always a great way of winding down at the end of a...
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We love plants. Especially from Fern & Ivy!

Something you may or may not know about us here at O’Brien Media is that we are a lover of all types of plants. As you will know from reading our blog and chatting to us, we love small businesses and our so proud to be in Wiltshire where lots of businesses have started and grown tremendously since the start of the pandemic! We found Kate, from Fern & Ivy on Instagram and fell in love with...
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Get all your embroidery done at ThreadMill Embroidery!

Here at O’Brien Media, we love shouting about local Wiltshire businesses that we love! We try to show support to all Wiltshire-based businesses and try to buy as much as we can locally! We needed some embroidery done for our new uniform for the team, so we began our search and found Marcus at ThreadMill Embroidery. We absolutely love our new t-shirts! The speed and communication of Marcus was...
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Small Business Spotlight: MLSPaintings

Welcome to the second in our continuing series of Small Business Spotlight posts, highlighting the hard work of amazingly talented small and micro retail and ecommerce business owners. This article, written based on my own experience gives an insight into the workings of another of our countries micro businesses. As with our previous article on The Owl & The Dragon we’re not just blogging...
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Small Business Spotlight: The Owl & The Dragon

Welcome to the first in a series of Small Business Spotlight posts, highlighting the hard work of amazingly talented small and micro retail and ecommerce business owners. We’re not just blogging about our clients this time. These are posts about businesses we have found via social media and where one or more of our team made a purchase that led to a “WOW!” moment. So prepare to read some...
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