Here’s why Twitter’s new DM feature is great news for brands

Twitter has just released a new opt-in direct message (DM) feature that allows anyone to send you a DM, without the need for them to follow you first.

Brands, businesses and community managers should give some serious consideration to enabling this new feature and here’s why…

  1. It’s less frustrating for the customer if they can engage in a direct conversation with you immediately with no barriers to contact.

  2. It’s less time consuming for your twitter team if they don’t need to request follows and wait for the customer to act before they have the ability to help.

  3. It gets the conversation offline quicker thus limiting negative exposure for your brand.

This new feature could get problematic for individuals, after all most people don’t want to have to deal with unsolicited or spammy DM’s, which is why it’s great news that twitter have made it opt-in rather than opt-out

As for enabling this new DM feature, head over to your account settings and you’ll find it under the Security and Privacy tab.

Introducing the new features Nhu Vuong, Senior Software Engineer at Twitter gave a great examplePreviously, if you wanted to send a Direct Message to the ice cream shop down the street about how much you love their salted caramel flavor, you’d have to ask them to follow you first. With today’s changes, the ice cream shop can opt to receive Direct Messages from anyone; so you can privately send your appreciation for the salted caramel without any barriers. “