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Is Twitter Removing The Like Button?

Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey has recently come out and insinuated that the “like” feature may well have a bit of a shelf-life. A report in the Daily Telegraph, cited by The Inquirer, revealed that Mr Dorsey is keen to remove the feature soon as he’s not especially keen on the heart-shaped button. The idea behind its removal is to improve the quality of debate on the microblogging platform.

It seems that the Twitter-sphere hasn’t reacted particularly positively to the news, with the social media site prompted to write:

“As we’ve been saying for a while, we are rethinking everything about the service to ensure we are incentivising healthy conversation, that includes the like button.”

While it may well help drive the better conversation on the platform, you as a brand may well be worried about a dip in the level of engagement between you and your followers. And let’s not forget that many tweeters use the button to bookmark content to look at it later down the line.

If this change is pushed through, perhaps remind them that there is still the Twitter Bookmark feature and all they have to do is hit the share icon underneath the tweet in question and select Add Tweet to Bookmarks. They can then find it later on using the Bookmarks tab on the profile icon menu.