Quick read: 4 Reasons to switch to HTTPS – RIGHT NOW!

Why make the move to HTTPS? #1 Google Said So Google have given us several reasons to move to HTTPS, but the main reasons are Encryption, Data Integrity and Authentication. This just means an overall more secure site for users, which is especially important when handing over sensitive data. Bear in mind, your site may still be vulnerable to attacks and hacks, the HTTPS doesn’t solve and...
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Google to mark HTTP pages as “not secure” from July 2018

How secure is your website? If you’re collecting sensitive customer information like passwords or credit card information, or even if you've got a contact form that can be used by customer to send you messages what are you doing to ensure and reassure customers their information is safe with your business? What’s HTTPS? HTTPS is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a...
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What are your options for professional website hosting?

Most businesses today require an online presence and to get that online presence, one needs to create a website and host it. Website hosting refers to the term where your website is hosted on a server so that it can be viewed by people world over. To get people to come your website you need to get it hosted. There are many professional website hosting companies who provide a wide range of hosting...
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