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Elementor v3.2 is released!

As you would have read on our blog before, we love Elementor!

The team at Elementor has announced that they have made the tool even better: with a bunch of helpful design and performance improvements.

This blog post will highlight all the new key changes available in the 3.2 update.

Design Changes

Text Path Widget

Unique text designs

You are able to generate unique text designs, such as wavy text or swirly slogans, by attaching text to predefined or custom shapes.

This also means that there is a need for fewer plugins, now that there’s features are native to Elementor.

Easy to use

Elementor has created the text path widget so that you can achieve professional-looking designs no matter your skill level!

There is even more control and flexibility, so you can match your design vision and get the perfect result – every feature of the text is adjustable!

Shaping Text

The Text Path widget allows for you to pick from Elementor’s own library such as Wave, Arc, Oval, Circle, or Spiral.

You can now also upload your own SVG shape to shape text in the way that you would like! This means that the path is now able to match your website’s theme.

You can also choose to show and hide the text path, as well as personalising everything from its size and shape to its colour, position, direction, and spacing. The text can also be adjusted to match your website’s theme, with the ability to highlight certain areas and create depth/dimension.

Mask Option

Crop any element

You can now add a mask to any element to create and transform objects to get exactly what you are looking for!

You can hide part of an element based on the shape you choose – for instance: if you only want to show part of an image.

Also, you can add a unique layer on top of any picture or video which adds a unique effect and dimension.

Complete Freedom

As with the Text Path Widget, you can create your complex designs using an SVG file. This also includes image, video, Google Maps, PNG, amongst many more…

You can then use Elementor’s built-in shapes such as circle, square, triangle and arrows, or you can create your own shape!

Again, as with Text Path, you can customise the design and define the size, scale, and position of your new masked shape.

Something cool that Elementor has added is that you can create a shape that repeats itself! – by using the “Repeat control” option.

Gradient Button

You can now add gradient colours to buttons! This means that you have more flexibility in matching the look and feel of your individual website!

These new eye-catching gradients look great and require no code, workarounds, or third-party plugins!

Performance and Usability Improvements

Faster Page Loading

One of Elementor’s main goals for 2021, was to increase speed and they have delivered!

The team has managed to reduce up to 50KB on every page load, as well as splitting the e-icons library which has reduced loading times drastically! There has also been a change to the way in which Google Fonts are loaded, giving you the ability to change how fonts are loaded yourself!


You can import/export Elementor content from one site to another – meaning you can create websites faster!

This includes global colours, fonts, Theme Builder elements, pop-ups, landing pages and Elementor created pages.

Responsive UI

So that you are able to better see what your website will look like on every type of device (desktop, tablet, mobile), Elementor has given the Responsive UI tool an overall!

You can now browse through responsive devices with ease and also drag and resize your preview based on the breakpoints that have been set – giving you even more control than before!

Read more about the new version of Elementor!

You can find more details about the new version of Elementor here – you can see visual examples of these new tools in action!

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