Artwork with disability work colleages

Today (July 1st) is the start of Disability Pride Month!

July 1st is the start of Disability Pride Month.

Here at O’Brien Media, we think this is an extremely important event considering that we both have disabled employees and also support our great customers!

This blog post will highlight the importance of the month and what you can do as a business to ensure you continue to support disabled people in the right way!

What is Disability Pride Month and why is it important to celebrate?

Disability Pride Month is a yearly event in July that increases awareness of disability as an identity, how it affects people and the community, as well as the pride that disabled people have and can bring!

Become ‘Disability Confident’ accredited!

Are you a business wanting to make sure you can support disabled employees correctly?

The ‘Disability Confident’ government scheme “supports employers like you to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to your workplace”

We are very proud to be “Disability Confident Committed” here at O’Brien Media!

If you are a business, we highly encourage you to join the scheme so that we can all ensure that the working world is fair for all regardless of someone’s particular needs!

You can find more details out about the scheme here.

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