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Tom’s top tips for putting together better marketing emails

Getting started with emails can be the most intimidating part! Here’s my top three tips for where to begin.

1. Make the most of your subject line
If you want your marketing emails opened, read and clicked, it starts off with the subject line. The best subject lines are short, descriptive and give your clients a reason to explore your message further.

Top Tips
Keep it short and sweet / Tell them what to expect
Don’t overuse exclamation points!!!!! or use all CAPS

2. Effective email header design
You want customers to open the email and instantly be pulled in, so the header is very important. The header is where you announce your message to the reader and introduce a visual identity.

Logo – Displaying your logo in the email header makes your emails easily recognisable and well-branded.

Photography – Images at the beginning of your emails is always a great way to grab readers’ eyes.

Top Tips
Keep it simplified / Use colours to set the mood
Keep branding consistent / Show off your visual content

3. Email content that works
Creating email marketing content might feel like an overwhelming task, so remember to simply keep things short and concise, break up your content with lots of white space, use bulleted lists, and short sentences.

Your email should be easy to read, but not too short – you may leave out key information – and not too long as you could overwhelm your clients. Always test yourself, “Would I be interested to read this and understand the main point?”

Make sure your content that’s directly related to the call to action button or link is explanatory and clearly shows the benefit of taking the action and clicking through to your website.

Top Tips
Make sure your content is relevant / Avoid long content
Create a persuasive call to action button Re-check your content before emailing