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Google Search algorithm update and Search Console data lag

As a search marketer and SEO specialists, we monitor changes in SEO outcomes and changes in Google’s behavior when it comes to search results. Last week along with others, we noticed that recent broad core algorithm updates had resulted in a slow down in Google Search Console data and wanted to explain the possible reasons for this and why it might affect SEO monitoring for a short period of time.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a dashboard provided by Google for publishers to get an overview of keyword traffic, indexing problems and other information that is useful for a publisher, particularly during a Google algorithm update.

Information from the Google Search Console could be useful for identifying any ranking improvements or issues during an algorithm update.

That’s why it’s important that the search console data does not lag behind, even after a core algorithm update.

Core Algorithm Updates and Google Search Console

Rankings and traffic data will tend to be in flux during a core algorithm update. Search results rankings change.

So it seems intuitive that all of that change might be reflected in a “lag” Google Search Console (GSC) reporting.

Presumably, the data from the search results might be affected by the rollout of an algorithm as it slowly propagates to all the regional data centers used by Google.

Some data centers might be showing the old rankings while others show the new rankings.