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Navigating Google’s August 2023 Core Search Update: A Briefing from O’Brien Media

Hey everyone, Chris here, let’s talk about this big shake-up in the digital world. So, Google’s just rolled out their August 2023 core search update, and trust me, the internet’s buzzing. People are either excited, anxious, or a bit of both. So, what’s the deal? Let’s break it down and get into the nuts and bolts.

What’s Under the Bonnet of This Update?

First off, Google regularly fine-tunes its algorithms. It’s like routine maintenance for a well-oiled machine, right? The goal? To make sure you get spot-on search results. They’re not out to torpedo your website, but these updates can be a bit like shaking a tree to see which apples fall. You might see some new faces in Google’s top-ranking pages, while others might drift downwards.

Don’t Push the Panic Button Yet

Say your page takes a dip in performance post-update. Before you sound the alarms, know this isn’t necessarily a red flag regarding your website design. Google’s keen to point out these fluctuations are more about content relevance than your website suddenly developing technical snags.

On the Mend? No Guarantees Here

So, the million-pound question: How do you bounce back if you’re affected by this SEO update? Google’s advice is to start by inspecting the pages that aren’t pulling their weight. Check the search terms that lead people there and align your content with what Google recommends on their help pages. But bear in mind, a quick recovery isn’t in the cards for everyone, even if you’re on the ball with adjustments.

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The Waiting Game

Recovery time isn’t an overnight affair; it might stretch over a few months. However, Google does pepper in minor updates between the big ones, so if you’ve been proactive, you might get a bit of a leg up from those.

Final Thoughts

So, as the dust settles on the August 2023 core update, the takeaway is this: stay calm and focus on quality over quick fixes. And remember, it’s not just about rolling with the punches; it’s about figuring out where to land your own. Adaptability is the name of the game here.

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That’s the lowdown for now. Keep an eye on Google’s ranking release history page for more updates as they come in.

Cheers, everyone! Keep optimising.