The Rise and Challenges of a Connected Customer Experience

The Importance of Customer Experience in Today's Market There's no denying that Customer Experience (CX) has become the cornerstone of modern business. Companies are constantly looking for ways to make interactions smoother and more efficient. But, as new data shows, there's room for improvement, a lot of it. The Deteriorating State of CX Recent findings from Forrester Research tell a story that...
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Google office entrance

Navigating Google’s August 2023 Core Search Update: A Briefing from O’Brien Media

Hey everyone, Chris here, let's talk about this big shake-up in the digital world. So, Google's just rolled out their August 2023 core search update, and trust me, the internet's buzzing. People are either excited, anxious, or a bit of both. So, what's the deal? Let's break it down and get into the nuts and bolts. What's Under the Bonnet of This Update? First off, Google regularly fine-tunes its...
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From Mobile to Desktop: Threads’ Evolution Continues

In the fast-paced world of microblogging, Threads shook things up when it racked up a staggering 100 million sign-ups within a week of its July launch. Born out of the frustration with Twitter's usage restrictions, Threads, backed by Meta, aimed to provide a fresh outlet for the Twitter user base, now dubbed 'X,' leveraging the Instagram social graph. While the initial hype was real, Threads saw...
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Our Servers are now Carbon Aware

Starting on the 25th July our servers are now carbon aware, meaning that all of the servers that host customer websites, email services, our customer management system, and even our phone system are configured to reduce carbon emissions. With access to regional carbon intensity data, our servers will schedule the installation of updates and scheduled talks like backups and bulk processing of data...
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301 Redirects or 404 Error Pages? – Which are Less Damaging for SEO?

When it comes to managing your website's SEO, understanding the impact of 301 redirects and 404 error pages is crucial. These two elements play distinct roles in how search engines, particularly Google, view and rank your website. Let's delve into the world of website design, error 404, and 301 redirects to determine which one can have a more positive impact on your SEO. Error 404, a term dreaded...
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O’Brien Media Awarded Best Website Design & Support Company in Wiltshire 2023

The winners of this year's UK Enterprise Awards from SME News have been announced, and Swindon-based O'Brien Media (that's us!) are among them having been awarded Best Website Design & Support Company in Wiltshire. The UK Enterprise Awards are dedicated to recognising businesses from diverse industries and sectors for their exceptional achievements. The UK business community is proud to have...
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