A shoe next to yellow tape on the floor of a pub to ensure that customers maintain social distancing

The Impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s Web Design and Creative Sector

The Unprecedented Challenge The onset of COVID-19, a global health crisis unlike any in recent history, has left an indelible mark on industries worldwide, including the UK's website design and creative media sector. The pandemic's restrictions necessitated a rapid shift to online platforms, catalysing a digital revolution. This abrupt transition has redefined the landscape of digital engagement,...
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Covid-19 Update – Omicron Covid Measures

From 13th December 2021 some of our team will be working from home, you may hear some background noise during calls with these team members. Please rest assured that your personal information and other confidential project information is still handled securely and that progress on projects is continuing as normal. Due to the work we do supporting essential business we will maintain a presence in...
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closeup of a blue face mask hanging from the back of an office chair and a young man checking something in the screen

Covid-19 Update – October 26th 2021

Due to the large increases in Covid-19 cases in the Southwest, and Swindon in particular, we’ve made the difficult decision to limit meetings to our Swindon, Pembroke Centre, office to essential meetings only for the time being – with a review in 6 weeks. Deliveries requiring entrance to the office will still be permitted, as will visits by maintenance staff who we will ask to use hand...
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UK Government vector webpage

Self-isolating? You may be eligible for a COVID Test and Trace support payment!

The government has announced the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme. This scheme provides you with a payment of £500 if you are self-isolating and meet certain criteria. This blog post will explain all about the new scheme and how you can apply. How much is the payment and what are the criteria? You could get a payment of £500 if you’re on a low income and meet all of the following...
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health Vaccine Passport for Coronavirus or Covid-19

NHS Covid Pass – what this means for you!

The government has announced a new ‘NHS Covid Pass’ which will be needed to access certain venues in England, such as nightclubs. This blog post will outline what the NHS Covid Pass means and how you can get one! What is the NHS Covid Pass? The NHS Covid Pass will show whether you are fully vaccinated. They may be asked when you visit venues in the UK such as nightclubs and may also be asked...
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Post-lockdown update – how we’ll be working after July 19th 2021

At O'Brien Media the health and safety of our staff and customers is our top priority. We have team members who are at an increased risk of Covid infection and will be continuing to adhere to NHS Covid guidelines for their safety and yours after the 19th of July. Some team members will continue to wear masks and will continue to host meetings with customers online whenever possible - although we...
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Lifting of restrictions. Chalk board on a wooden background

Current COVID restrictions in England to change on July 19. Here’s all you need to know!

The prime minister has confirmed that from July 19th, the majority of current Coronavirus restrictions will be lifted. This blog post will go through what will change, why this is happening and some of the advice we have still be told to follow. What is changing? Social Distancing No limits on how many people are able to meet No mandatory social distancing (1m+ rule removed) Face coverings not...
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NHS COVID-19 app seen in Play Store on the screen of smartphone next to NHS lanyard.

NHS Test and Trace in the workplace: for employees

Yesterday, we published a blog post on how NHS Test and Trace affects employers. This blog post will talk about NHS Track and Trace from the point of employees and what they should do if they test positive, as well as the support that is available. What should you do? To limit household mixing, you should continue to work from home if you can. If it is not possible, then you are able to travel...
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A handwritten sign at a pub about NHS track and trace

NHS Test and Trace in the workplace: for employers

After a rough year of lockdowns, restrictions are finally starting to be lifted. This means that more people will be making the return to work. To ensure that we all remain safe, NHS Test and Trace (which we are probably used to by now!) will remain in use, even in the workplace. This blog post will talk you through how this will affect employers specifically. Precautions that can be taken before...
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Woman in a safety mask looking at clothes in a shop

What to expect when shops reopen on April 12th 2021

Following another easing of the UK lockdown rules, many high street and department stores are set to reopen their doors on Monday 12th April. Our shopping sprees are set to look a little different in the Covid-era, however, and it's likely you may have some questions about what shopping on the high street will look like next week. Every shopping question answered before you hit the high street......
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