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Looking for a new website? Get an instant estimate today…

Whether you need a small business website with a few pages and a contact form or something more complicated our instant estimate tool can give you a guide price and we'll follow-up with you to produce a solid plan for your new or redesigned website accommodating your budget and requirements. Create your instant estimate now... It’s very important to us that our clients can compete online with...
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January 2020 will see new minimum requirements for WooCommerce 3.9

When WooCommerce 3.9 is released in January, it will have new required versions of WordPress and PHP. Running WooCommerce 3.9 will require a site running WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.0 or newer. The WooCommerce development team plan to keep developing blocks and other integrations that rely on current versions of WordPress, and this release prepare WooCommerce for these new features so we can deliver...
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Hand holding Amazon logo

Did you know that 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon? Three top marketplace trends for 2020

Recent research discovered that 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon with over 40% accessing its Prime subscription service. On top of this staggering stat, one-fifth of Amazon shoppers use the service once a week. Yet the dominance of marketplace shopping extends far beyond Amazon. Last year, $1.66 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces. But it’s not just sales volume...
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You should include this information in your emails to be GDPR compliant

Prompted by the GDPR and its headline-grabbing fines, businesses have worked hard to ensure that they have a proper legal basis for their email marketing. This usually means consent from users, although in some circumstances "legitimate interests" may also be an option. In addition to establishing a proper basis for marketing under the GDPR, businesses should include certain other information in...
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European Union and British Union Jack flag flying in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

New EU Directive on consumer rights

The European Council has adopted a new Directive designed to enhance consumer protection, with the focus on the internet and online transactions. Highlights include: enhanced harmonisation and streamlining of some of the criteria used to determine the level of penalties for infringements of EU consumer law; a right to individual remedies for consumers when they are harmed by unfair commercial...
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Chrome logo on a mobile

Google Chrome to receive a major update this week and here’s what’s new

Google will release Chrome version 79 this week. The firm’s Chrome Platform Status page says the update will start rolling out to all users on December 10. Chrome 79 has been in beta since the tail end of October, so we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Chrome is notorious for gorging away at your computer’s memory, CPU and battery life. Well it looks as though Google is...
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lamps with different colours on a shelves

The randomness of of lava lamps helps secure 10 percent of the internet

What’s encrypting your internet surfing? An algorithm created by a supercomputer? Well, if the site you’re visiting is encrypted by the cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, your activity may be protected by a wall of lava lamps. Cloudflare covers websites for Uber, OKCupid, & FitBit, for instance. The wall of lamps in the San Francisco headquarters generates a random code. Over 100  lamps, in...
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Instagram logo with different colours background

Instagram to start removing likes on certain accounts

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced that it was going to start removing likes on certain accounts in attempts to “depressurize” the app. Some people (like Nicki Minaj) say they’ll stop posting to Instagram if likes go away, and Instagram users had mixed feelings. “Honestly, I will post even more now. I tested this feature during my vacation in Brazil and not having this ‘like’ count...
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Site Kit website on a laptop

Google Site Kit integrates Google tools into your WordPress dashboard

Google Site Kit is an official plugin from Google that helps you integrate data and features from multiple Google tools into your WordPress dashboard. Google Site Kit was in closed beta for a long time. But as of November 2019, it’s now publicly available to all WordPress users and listed for free at WordPress.org. What is Google Site Kit for WordPress? Google Site Kit helps you connect your...
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