Time to upgrade! WooCommerce 4.8 is now available!

The WoocCommerce team has announced the release of WooCommerce 4.8, which is now publicly available! It has been in development since November 2020 and Core contributions include about 257 commits from 29 contributors. This is a minor release, which means everything is backward compatible with the previous version. Given the release of PHP8, WordPress 5.6, and the Twenty Twenty-One theme, the...
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Prepare for breaking changes in WordPress 5.6, due 8th December 2020

WordPress 5.6 is due to be released tomorrow, 8th December 2020, and is the first recent major release that is not fully backward compatible with previous versions of WordPress in the 5.x version. This version of WordPress could potentially break websites. Our recommendation before updating your site to WordPress 5.6: Create a backup of your site’s files and the database Check your site’s...
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Google logo sign

Google confirms a core algorithm update is started to roll out on December 3, 2020

Google confirmed on the 3rd of December that the third core algorithm update of the calendar year has begun rolling out. A fair amount of time has passed since the last core update, compared to the average time between these types of updates. The last core update rolled out on May 4th. It’s likely the pandemic delayed the rollout of Google’s next core update. As more time than usual has...
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Drupal 7 can now use your site name in the From: header for e-mails

Drupal 7 now has an option to use the site name (i.e. the value of the site_name variable) as the "Display Name" in the From header in system e-mails. For example this would mean the sender might be "Acme Website" <[email protected]> as opposed to just the e-mail address alone. In order to avoid disruption, this is not enabled by default for existing sites. New sites will have it enabled...
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Close-up view on conceptual keyboard - Cybercrime (red key)

Cybercrime: Keep your money safe when shopping online

As part of National Consumer Week and International Fraud Awareness Week, we want to remind our customers and readers of some of the issues of shopping online and what can be done to limit the risks. Many people might be looking to get themselves prepared ahead of the festive period by shopping for gifts online. As people are again furloughed and usual socialising is curtailed for now, some may...
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Friends celebrating Christmas or New Year eve party with Bengal lights and champagne.

Win the customer experience game today and post-Covid

We're nearing the end of a challenging year — and heading into the festive season — people are slowly beginning to shop again. But they’re doing so carefully and consciously, buying close to home and embracing e-commerce more than ever. Brands need to be ready to adopt a variety of in-store and online measures to cater to today’s shopper. So what can brands do to deliver meaningful...
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Black friday sale tag with black ribbon

Google Suggests Permanent URLs for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pages

Google shared the advice that website owners should be "using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages rather than creating new URLs for each annual sale" as part of it's set of best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages, along with five additional recommendations, which we've included below. Here’s more on the benefits of using recurring URLs, and a rundown of Google’s other advice...
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Why is ?doing_wp_cron being added to my WordPress URLs

This is simply a sign that you have ALTERNATE_WP_CRON defined in your wp-config.php In order to do some background processing (like publishing scheduled posts), WordPress redirects you to the URL with ?doing_wp_cron appended. This is usually triggered by backup plugins such as UpDraft backups or All-In-One WP Migration. wp-config.php If you want to disable this, simply open your ...
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Unpacking the WordPress update fiasco (and why you need someone to keep an eye on your WordPress updates)

Everything doesn't always go to plan, and that was the case for a series of WordPress Update mishaps recently. On Thursday, October 29th the WordPress core team released WordPress version 5.5.2. This was a minor release containing bug fixes and security enhancements to the core WordPress content management system powering over one-third of the internet. In the WordPress 5.5.2 release, the...
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