5 Reasons your business should be using Google+

Google+ is much more than Google’s answer to Facebook, it’s a platform designed to enable you and your business to find like minded people (and businesses via Google+ pages) and build relationships.  Here are our top five reasons why you should be using Google+ for your business:

1. Get your business found locally

Google+ pages are included within search results, and in Google maps results, meaning that when people search for your business by name, or by what you do, your Google+ page will be show as part of a local search allowing you to get more clients, higher engagement and share information about your products and services.

2. Faster indexing of your businesses content

Your Google+ posts and status updates are indexed immediately into Google’s search results which massively increases the chances of your customers will see your content in their search results.

3. Access an ever increasing number of potential customers

According to Google’s figures their social network is the fasting growing social media site ever. This ever increasing number of users will translate into more leads for your business and the nature of Google+ will mean that with the right content management strategy you’ll be targeting people who actually want to find out about your products and services.

4. More active users than you might first imagine

As of October 2013, Google+ has 300 million active users, mostly thanks to it’s integration with Gmail, and once people become more familiar with the Google+ service the number of active users will increase even faster.

5. Google+ affects search rankings

Most importantly, your Google+ page visitor’ +1’s will improve your search results positioning when they search for products and services that you offer, adding +1 buttons to your website content will help you even more.