Engaging your customers with polls

It’s well knows that engaging your consumers online via social media helps drive traffic to your website and helps build a brand community; the more people that become part of the community you build, the more attached they become to your business. There are numerous ways to make this happen, and one is using polls.

While polls might seem minor, they can do a lot for a business by helping you to understand customer opinions a bit more, getting people talking about current topics, and bringing the community together on various issues and ideas. With the introduction by Twitter of their new polls functionality, it is possible to take advantage of polls in an easier and more accessible manner.

By setting up a question and giving narrow, specific answers, a business can understand consumer opinions.

Businesses stand to gain the most from the use of polls. Polls can help businesses to get customer opinions in a simple way. While polls might not go into as much depth as full surveys, they do provide an overview and cut out a lot of the extra parts of consumer opinions, giving businesses a general idea of what people think. This can help them to see how people feel about new products or services, or any recent changes in products or services.

Everyone can benefit from polls, though. An opinion blog, as an example, might run a poll to see what people think of a recent event. Anyone can run a poll to see what their readers or visitors think about specific items, events, or news and it’s a great way to get people talking. For sites dedicated to making discussions happen, this is big. It gives people a starting point for a discussion and lets them go from there. It is an easy way to keep people engaged and talking.

Twitter recently announced a new polling feature on their website that allows Twitter users can create a poll question and the answers, and then set it up and let people answer. You can see real time results to the poll, too. With the popularity of Twitter, and with so many businesses and websites already use it, this is going to make it even easier to start using polls and gives your visitors access to your polls in a way that they are most likely to see.