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Social media SEO trends heading into 2019

There’s been talk about social media as a ranking factor for a long time. In 2010, Google said social media was a ranking factor (that means if you’re on social media, your website will generally show above similar businesses who aren’t on social media – at least in 2010).

In 2014, the same search engine said that social media probably isn’t a ranking factor. “Probably” being the key word here – Google often says that they “probably” will or won’t do something and then promptly do precisely the opposite.

What about in 2019?

Social media management service Hootsuite ran a test and found that the number of social media pages making their way into Google’s results has grown “exponentially.”

This means that if you double down on your social media efforts in 2019, they can complement your SEO strategy.

To that end, spend some time creating a solid social media marketing plan and put aside a budget to achieve it. Produce consistent content that offers value, and engage and interact with your followers.