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O’Brien Media Limited Gender Pay Gap Report (2017)

Gender Pay Gap Report (2017)

As an employer of fewer than 250 staff, we are not required by law to publish gender pay gap figures on our website, however, we have chosen to do so voluntarily.

Year ending 31st March 2017

Hourly rate

Women’s mean hourly rate is 1.7% higher
Women’s median hourly rate is 3.7% higher

Pay quartiles

How many men and women are in each quarter of the employer’s payroll.

Upper quartile64% men36% women
Upper middle quartile66% men34% women
Lower middle quartile74% men26% women
Lower quartile51% men49% women

Bonus payments

Bonus includes retention payments, merit pay, and long service awards.

No bonus payments were made in the reporting period.


2017 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF)

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