Thank you for setting up your Direct Debit to O’Brien Media. 

How your Direct Debit mandate will be used

We will collect all payments from your Direct Debit mandate unless instructed otherwise. You can choose, via your GoCardless account, to approve each and every payment we request – this option can be set by logging into your GoCardless account, we cannot change this setting on your behalf.

If you need to change your bank details this can also be completed via your GoCardless account – we cannot make this change for you. Should you wish to change your bank details without logging into GoCardless we can cancel your existing Direct Debit mandate and send you a new online setup link for you to create a new mandate using your new bank details.

We cannot do this on your behalf online or over the telephone as a mandate set up by a merchant is prohibited by GoCardless, our payment processor.

How will the payment appear on your bank statement

Payments collected by O’Brien Media Ltd will appear on your account/bank statement differently from bank to bank, but generally, they will appear as “GOCARDLESS” with a reference of “OBRIENMEDIA”.

This may appear as “GOCARDLESS-OBRIENMEDIA” or as “GOCARDLESS” with “OBRIENMEDIA” underneath. How this information is presented on your bank statement or transaction list depends on your bank.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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