QR Codes – Conversations with a Taxi Driver

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources, and this time that source was a taxi driver. I'd been thinking about writing a blog post about QR Codes (those little black and white square barcodes that seem to be popping up everywhere recently) and after chatting for 10 minutes with a taxi driver last night on my way home I got an "outside view" of how QR codes are...
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PR & Marketing Basics (ISP’s & Hosting Companies)

  What is PR? First and foremost Public Relations is not, as some would have you believe, an 'art' it's closer to a science and equally it shares some terminology, you have 'formulas' to create a successful campaign, 'subjects' who you target your activities towards, and most importantly you 'experiment' to get the right mix of 'elements' to make your company, brand, service or product a...
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New site for Swindon offers free listings

We just wanted to let you know about a new Swindon focused information website called Swindon.co.uk where you can list your Swindon based business for free (including photo's and a link to your website). You can choose to have an enhanced listing for free if you place a link to Swindon.co.uk on your website homepage (at the bottom of the page is fine).  The site is very new (I only heard about...
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Taking a look at: Floral Thoughts on Facebook

After completing the 2010 re-design of their website. we also put together a Facebook page for Floral Thoughts.  Initially the page wasn't really used but starting in July this year Floral Thoughts started a small scale test with Facebook advertising.  While targeting only a very small group of Facebook users over 20 people visited and 'liked' their page in the space of a week. Even after...
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What does your phone number say about you?

You’ve probably not given it much thought, you put a huge amount of effort into making sure your website reflects your brand and the ethos of your business but what impression to your prospective clients does your telephone number give? Mobile Numbers If you’re a mobile hairdresser or any other type of business that is focussed on visiting the client or if your business is conducted...
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