WordPress 5.0 will probably be released Thursday, December 6th 2018

WordPress 5.0 will most probably be released this Thursday, December 6 2018. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people, including us. WordPress 5.0 includes the Gutenberg editor, giving users a brand new editing experience. While we initially see this as an improvement, we doubt if everyone is ready for it at this point. WordPress 5.0 is a huge release as it sees the introduction of a new...
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How to install a WordPress plugin – step-by-step guide with pictures

We often get asked how to install a WordPress plugin - here's a 3 step guide that gets straight to the point. This will apply to most plugins - although if you're installing a plugin that needs additional settings or configuration you're best best is to follow the installation instructions from the plugin developer. Anyway, lets get to the guide... Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go...
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If your website relies on PHP 5, it’s time to get ready for PHP 7

PHP, the Open Source scripting language, is used by nearly 80 percent of the world's websites. According to W3Techs, around 61 percent of all websites on the internet still use PHP 5, a version of PHP that was first released fourteen years ago. Now is the time to give PHP 5 some attention. In less than two months, on December 31st, security support for PHP 5 will officially cease. (Note: Some...
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Some great new Outlook 2016 features just landed for Office 365 subscribers

What is Focused inbox in Outlook on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

What is Focused Inbox? Focused Inbox intelligently presorts your email so you can focus on what matters. It places your most important emails in "Focused" and the rest in "Other." Focused Inbox works across all your email accounts, personal and professional. To create an inbox that "feels right" to you, the system takes into account emails and contacts with whom you interact, and filters out...
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5 advantages of email marketing

The meteoric rise in popularity of social media over recent years may have made you – and other business owners – wonder whether email marketing has had it's day. On the contrary, email marketing is still a powerful tool. If you doubt that, simply check your email inbox and see how many businesses and organisations have sent you information today alone about what they offer. The businesses...
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