Building pages with Drupal (or what are nodes, blocks, views and panels?)

As with most tasks you’ll face when creating or managing a website using the Drupal content management system (CMS) there are multiple ways to create and display content. In this article we’ll look at the four main content creation, curation and display methods that we use when building sites for clients. Nodes Nodes are items of content, based around a collection of content fields – so...
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5 business boosting benefits of promotional products for businesses large and small

Building brand recognition A goal for any businesses, large or small, is brand recognition. How can you make your brand not only stand out from your competition, but also remain in the minds of current and potential customers? One way is to get creative with your marketing. Promotional products are a simple tool that can help increase brand awareness for your business; by customising an item that...
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Why use mobile-friendly responsive?

We thought we'd post a little follow-up to our article about responsive design from August last year where we give an outline of what "responsive design" is as it's now more important than ever for your website to be responsive and mobile-friendly. In this post we've summarised our top three reasons why having a responsive, mobile-friend, website is essential to keep your business or...
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Responsive website for Swindon based T&B Recycling.jpg

Responsive website for Swindon based T&B Recycling

T&B Recycling approached us to create a new website for their business to replace an existing single page website. We designed and developed a new responsive website, based on the Drupal content management system (CMS) to allow T&B Recycling to keep their site up-to-date with minimal effort and to provide their visitors with a site that was easy to use regardless of the device they were...
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How you use images can have SEO benefits

Most people are aware by now that giving the pages on your website human readable names that relate to their content is a must, and helps search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index your website content and determine what it's about but spare a few minutes thought to how you use images on your website and reap some SEO rewards. Give files descriptive human readable names when using them on...
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Here’s why Twitter’s new DM feature is great news for brands

Twitter has just released a new opt-in direct message (DM) feature that allows anyone to send you a DM, without the need for them to follow you first. Brands, businesses and community managers should give some serious consideration to enabling this new feature and here’s why… It’s less frustrating for the customer if they can engage in a direct conversation with you immediately with no...
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Going mobile – Google is calling time on non-mobile friendly websites from 21st April

Until now Google has focused on labeling mobile-friendly websites in results, but from 21st April 2015 if your website is mobile-friendly you'll get a ranking boost over your non-mobile friendly competitors in search results pages when Google's latest algorithm change takes effect.  The aim of this shift towards mobile users is to show people browsing from their phones or tablets websites...
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Resolving the “Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED” error in Magento

Recently when making some changes on a Magento based store we encountered a mySQL error in the Magento administration pages when trying to delete products which prevented any further products from being deleted. The error message SQLSTATE : Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in ‘(`YOURDB`.`q`.`items_count` – 1)’ Resolving the error Log...
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Our top 4 reasons to own more than one domain name for your business

Over the years we've owned quite a large number of domain names, from variations on our business name such as, common misspellings like, and even for specific products and services we offer such as and This isn't to play to our vanity but to protect our business and brand from others who might - either intentionally or...
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