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Cloud based Website Analytics (powered by Matomo)

Matomo is an open-source and free web and mobile analytics platform, formerly known as Piwik. It is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, providing nearly identical features but, being a cloud-hosted application from O’Brien Media, it provides full ownership of the analytical data to each customer – with all data being held securely in the UK.

What is Matomo Analytics from O’Brien Media?

Matomo from O’Brien Media is capable of providing a comprehensive report of your website and the visitors, including search engine keywords, referrer, visitor country and language, device and browser used, searches within the site, liked pages, time spent on pages, and conversions.

Setting up tracking on a website is very easy, you just need to add a JavaScript code on every page you want to track. Matomo also has plugins to easily set up the tracking for nearly all popular CMS, blogs or e-commerce platforms.

Matomo is a very popular analytics solution with more than a million websites currently using Matomo to get their analytics.

We provide two options when it comes to Matomo

  1. A cost-effective cloud-based service, with individual user accounts to allow access to specific website analytics but with the hardware and Matomo software shared by all cloud-based service users. The cloud-based service comes with email support and a 99% uptime guarantee.
  2. A private server based Matomo service, where we build, install, configure and deploy Matomo on a service allocated only to you and your website. Perfect if you need a solution where your data is isolated and you need total control of all aspects of the Matomo software.

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